• Who are we?
XtraByte.net is a service provided by XtraByte-UK, a United Kingdom based business. We aim at providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: web hosting and design, graphic design and printing and, domain name registration.

• Our Mission
Some of the big companies in the web hosting business usually dont invest much in the development of new technologies. Instead they rely on 3rd party solutions and software. Unlike theirs, our hosting software was created, developed and designed in-house by us. Moreover, our business approach is human-oriented in that our client support is a center factor in the quality hosting service that we offer.

More than 25,000 Customers Trust Us

• What is our customer base like?
Our ready solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises to gain money from their websites and respective online activities. The online presence in the ever expanding global network allows companies and individuals alike to take advantage of the World Wide Web. Please drop us a line if you would like more information on our printing, design, web hosting or search engine optimisation services.

• Solutions For Everyone
XtraByte offers professional web hosting services for both individuals and enterprises. Depending on the number of websites you need to host, you can choose between a variety of web hosting packages, each one carefully prepared according to your needs.

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